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Celestial Voyage at Hong Kong to Witness the Annular Solar Eclipse

SPACE took a unique expedition of 70 students to Hongkong to witness the spectacular astronomical event "Annular Solar Eclipse". Public in thousands turned their eyes to the sky to witness the resulting rare "ring of fire" phenomenon, crossing the sky early 21st May. Hongkong Astronomical Society and Hongkong Space Museum collaborated with SPACE for conducting this celestial observation at Hongkong. The participating schools namely Air Force Public School (Subroto Park), Bal Bharati Public School, (Gangaram), MVN School (Arawali) and Navy Children School (Chanakya Puri) students performed experiments such as contact timing measurement, a study of change in ambient temperature and lunar limb profile measurements. Students also captured wonderful pictures of the eclipse with special filters attached with their cameras & also properly designed & certified solar filters and goggles were used to observe the eclipse. Massive public outreach was done before and during the event to make the general public witness the spectacular ring of fire around the sun.

Also, the expedition gave an opportunity for students to meet the Indian Consul General, Hongkong, at his office after the conduction of the event. He inspired them to explore more such wonders in future & simultaneously congratulated SPACE for taking such initiative to create awareness about astronomy and space sciences.

Annular Solar Eclipse Cruise – Maldives Jan 2010- First Eclipse Cruise, Maldives – By Water! SPACE partnered with Louis Cruises India to take about 650 passengers aboard the luxury liner Aquamarine from Kochi to Maldives and back to view the Annular Solar Eclipse.

Celestial Voyage

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