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Who We Are

SPACE, is an NGO, registered in 2003, with the goal of popularizing science via Astronomy and Space Sciences throughout the domains of education, public and media. Who hasn't marveled at the celestial wonders and experienced a sense of awe at being a part of such an infinite expanse? SPACE seeks to build on this fascination and brings innovation, passion and total commitment to its vision of spreading the awareness and knowledge of astronomy and space sciences to the masses.

SPACE has been changing the face of Science and Astronomy awareness, education and innovation in India through path-breaking concepts, services and programs. We are constantly striving to use these programs to foster scientific temperament in society, especially among the youth who are the harbingers of our future.

Every project we conduct is an opportunity for us to eradicate false divisions based on caste, creed and race and to propagate a reason and science based behavior in people. Every activity is designed to bring back enjoyment in elements of hands-on and practical science as a subject, which in turn will stimulate curiosity and questioning and a return to basic sciences. The ultimate intention is to create an intelligent, analytic and space savvy global community who will be the future leaders in man's exploration of space and the universe, in a world that is rapidly heading to a space age.



Mr. Rakesh Sharma,
First Indian Astronaut to Travel to Space

Dream! Dream big and don't step back till you achieve what you set out to do- things are never as difficult as they first appear when viewed from outside.

Ms. Sunita Williams,
NASA Astronaut of Indian Origin

Thank you to SPACE for inspiring the next generation of explorers! They have great things to accomplish and your contributions to their education has provided the base! Congratulations! sunita-willams.

Shri Narendra Modi,
Prime Minister, India

"Study in Astronomy requires passion, patience and perfection, which we can find in our young students, they should be harnessed to work at forefront of this real science. I appreciate the endeavour by SPACE."

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal,
Chief Minister, Govt. of NCT of Delhi

SPACE, Keep doing good work. All the best!

Dr. M. Annadurai, 
Director-ISRO Satellite Centre, Bangalore

"I am delighted to extend my warmest greeting to the students of India on their discovery of asteroids in 'All India Asteroid Search Campaign 2016' conducted by SPACE in India in collaborations with International Astronomical Search Collaboration. I appreciate the efforts of SPACE India for encouraging the young minds of the country. My best wishes to all the 50 students and SPACE India for all their future endeavours."

Ms. Sheila Dikshit,
Former Chief Minister, Govt. of NCT of Delhi

Space is not just the current but the unimagined future for the entire universe. Our planet cannot just try to understand its magnificence but also learn from its knowledge. Bless all of u who have ventured into this exciting adventure.

Mr. Manish Sisodia,
Deputy Chief Minister, Govt. of NCT of Delhi

I am glad to be a part of Project Paridhi. I always think that our classrooms should produce scientific minds and then only we can get rid of lots of misconceptions and obsolete traditions. I am really impressed with the activities and work of team SPACE.

Shri Nitish Kumar, 
Chief Minister Of Bihar

"SPACE is doing a great job of developing scientific temperament and busting myths related to astronomy among the people, Good luck for future endeavours!"

Shri Prem Kumar Dhumal,
Former Chief Minister Of Himachal Pradesh

"My Best wishes to both the young discoverers and SPACE in all its future endeavours."

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